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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterAugust, 2005
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TOP STORY: The Mystery of the Haunted Pants
By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture At summer camp, they warned us: if you find a pair of pants anywhere in the woods, DO NOT put them on! All because of what happened a few years ago...

A camper named Joey was hiking with his friends. Suddenly a fierce storm appeared. Pouring rain fell, and thunder filled the air. A flash of lightning lit up the entrance to a cave. So the hikers, with Joey in front, took shelter.

As the hikers squeezed into the cave, Joey was pushed in deeper. He could hardly see! Then he tripped over something... or did something trip him on purpose? He turned on his flashlight. There, folded neatly on a rock, was a new pair of blue rain pants.

Joey could hardly believe his luck: warm, dry pants! But then a voice played through his head: "Put me on, Joey. Puuuut meeeeeeee oooooooon..."

"That's a weird echo," thought Joey. He reached for the pants, and jumped back. Had they moved on their own? No, that couldn't be. The light was just playing tricks...

So Joey braced himself, put the pants on, and waited. Nothing bad happened. But when Joey tried to take them off... he couldn't! No matter how much he struggled, they wouldn't let go!

Then something caught his eye: words sewn into the waistband. He turned his flashlight downward. His eyes opened wide, and he gasped! The words said:

"You will wear these pants... FOREVER! Mwoo-hoo-haa-haa!"

"Noooooooooooooo!" yelled Joey. "Haunted pants!" He scrambled madly from the cave and ran into the blinding storm. And no one ever saw him again...

...until later that day when his friends found him back at camp sitting at the campfire. "What was all that about haunted pants?" they asked.

"The zipper was just stuck, " said Joey. "But they're really good pants, made by a company call Mwoo-hoo-haa-haa. They don't wear out, so you can wear them FOREVER."

And that's when all his friends pelted him with marshmallows for scaring them like that.

"So," said the counselors, "let that be a warning to you all. If you ever find a pair of new pants in the woods, DO NOT put them on or you, too, may be pelted... by marshmallows!"

For more clothes-related fun (and weirdness), play Muffy's Wardrobe.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Summer Fin = Summer Fun
By Fern

Fern's Byline Picture Each "summer" word or phrase below has one incorrect letter in it. Can you fix all ten?

Example: Swilming --> Swimming

1. Barbezue
2. Baspetball
3. Bathing sait
4. Fireglies
5. Oce cream
6. Reabing
7. Chade
8. Springler
9. Sunkurn
10. Vadation

(answers below)

When you're done swapping these letters, swap some faces in About Face.


By Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen's Byline Picture Here are some easy things to make to beat the heat!

1. Add a bit of lemon juice and sugar to a cup of cold water - instant lemonade! (With nothing artificial!) For something different, use lime juice instead. Or you can just add the juice and skip the sugar - a little sour, but tasty!

2. Peel one banana, break it into pieces, and drop it in a blender. Add orange juice to (almost) cover the banana. Then have an adult cover the top and blend it for a few seconds. You'll have a delicious smoothie!

3. Pour orange juice into an empty ice cube tray. Freeze the tray, then pop out the orangey cubes and enjoy!

Still hot? Then head on down to the Sugar Bowl to take the cool Sugar Bowl poll.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Summer Fin = Summer Fun
(the answers!)

By Fern

Fern's Byline Picture
1. Barbecue
2. Basketball
3. Bathing suit
4. Fireflies
5. Ice cream
6. Reading
7. Shade
8. Sprinkler
9. Sunburn
10. Vacation