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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterJuly, 2005
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THIS MONTH'S THEME: Summer Vacation (Part 2)

TOP STORY: The Wonder of Wonderworld
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture Summer is great! The sun shines, everybody's outside, it's hot... and muggy... and sticky... whew! Can someone get me a glass of water, please?

One of my favorite places to go in the summer is Wonderworld Amusement Park. They have roller coasters, log flumes, bumper cars, and this giant clown ride that's really exciting! (Of course, I have weird clown dreams for a few days after I go on it, but it's totally worth it!)

During a recent trip to Wonderworld, I decided that I should design my own ride. So here it is: Buster's Super-Swervy Journey Through the Body!

You sit in a car, and the bar comes down (ka-klunk!). Then you start going up, higher and higher, until you finally go right into a giant ear. You stop there for a second to see tons of blinking lights in the darkness of the brain. (So cool!)

Then you start to spin down. Faster and faster you go, through the brain, behind the eyes (great view!), and out the nose! You are then inhaled into the mouth, past huge teeth, and over a slurpy, splashy tongue (ew!).

Next, you go past the uvula (that punching-bag thingy at the back of your mouth), and head straight down the throat. Then it's a quick detour through the lungs (windy!), down to the stomach (rumbly!), and out the belly button (linty!).

The ride ends with a giant spiral downward around the leg, past the scabby knee, down to the ankle, and over the toes, coming to a quick stop at the bottom of a 20-foot-tall sock (stinky!).

So...Do you think they'd let me build it?

You know what might be even better? A ride that takes you through the body of an alien! Give that some thought as you create your own mix-and-match aliens in Cosmic Combos.


ROAD TRIP: A Scavenger Hunt
By Binky Barnes

Binky Barnes's Byline Picture Next time you're on the highway, see how many of these things you can find:

1. Car riding on its spare tire (the spare will look smaller than the other tires)
2. Decoration on the end of a car's radio antenna
3. Dog in a car or truck
4. Tow truck that's not pulling anything
5. Passenger asleep in a car
6. Car or truck with a radio station bumper sticker on it
7. Pieces of tire at the side of the road
8. Someone carrying a bike on a car
9. Truck towing another truck
10. Truck with a message or picture written in dust on the back

Want another scavenger hunt challenge? See how many of my friends you can find in the game Elwingo!


By Muffy Crosswire

Muffy Crosswire's Byline Picture Here are three great ways to beat the summer heat:

1. Fill your pool with shaved ice. (Buster thinks you should add flavored syrup to make the world's biggest sno-cone, but I don't agree...too sticky!)

2. Have your butler wear one of those caps with a built-in fan while he holds your parasol over your head for you. (Buster thinks it's silly to use an "umbrella" in the summer, but I don't's very chic!)

3. Have soft-serve ice cream machines installed at several key spots throughout your yard so you are never without this summertime necessity. (On this one, Buster and I fully agree!)

While Buster may not know much about fashion, he sure knows a lot about ice cream! Witness his genius for yourself in Scoop!