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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterMay, 2005
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TOP STORY: I Can't Wait!
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture One thing I love about summertime is: action movies! This year, I can't wait to see "Bionic Bunny's Greatest Adventure." I mean, it says it's the GREATEST ADVENTURE right there in the title! It HAS to be good.

Of course, last year I saw "Spectacular Spider Versus Awesome Octopus," and it wasn't spectacular OR awesome. The popcorn was tasty, though!

Here are my top three action movies of all time:

"Don't Order the Oatmeal"
The mayor's breakfast comes to life, grows to 50 feet tall, and tries to take over the city. The scene where they defeat the giant oatmeal by catapulting raisins at it is the best!

"The Day the Earth Stood Chilled"
An early Bionic Bunny movie! The bad guy, a Scottish inventor named Icy MacFreeze, creates a powerful freeze ray. My favorite part is when Bionic Bunny uses a mirror to reflect the ray back at the inventor and says, "Cool it, MacFreeze!" That was great!

"Dance Dance Alien Revolution" (also known as "Disco Alien II")
An alien comes to earth and disguises himself to win a TV dance contest. In the middle of his big dance, with the army searching all over the theater for him, his mask flies off to reveal...GASP!...another mask. But then THAT one flies off, and everyone sees he's an alien. I had nightmares for a week, but it was worth it!

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WHAT'S THAT JOB?: A Movie Match-up Quiz
By Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky's Byline Picture It takes a LOT of people to make a movie.
Can you match the following people to their job descriptions below?

The people:
1. Actor
2. Best Boy
3. Caterer
4. Director
5. Screenwriter
6. Foley Artist
7. Gaffer
8. Producer
9. Publicist
10. Stuntperson

The jobs:
a. Replaces an actor for a dangerous scene
b. Creates sound effects, like footsteps and breaking glass
c. Helps the gaffer
d. Appears as a character in the movie
e. In charge of setting up lights
f. Lets the public know about the movie
g. Oversees the entire project
h. Provides food for everyone working on the movie
i. Writes the movie script
j. In charge of filming and editing the movie

Scroll down to see the answers.

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FEATURED ARTICLE: Muffy's Guide to Movie Going
By Muffy Crosswire

Muffy Crosswire's Byline Picture Here's how to have the BEST time at the movies:

1. To make sure you don't get stuck sitting behind someone really tall, have your butler slouch down in the seat in front of you. You'll have a great view of the screen!

2. Don't eat popcorn. Too buttery! Your clothes will stay much cleaner if you snack on pretzels.

3. Never go to a movie with Buster. He's very loud! He always says things like, "Don't go in the basement. Don't go in the basement. Aaaaah! He went in the basement!" It's very distracting.

(Editor's note from Buster: Hey! It's not MY fault the guy wouldn't listen!)

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WHAT'S THAT JOB?: Movie Match-up Answers
By Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky's Byline Picture
1. d
2. c
3. h
4. j
5. i
6. b
7. e
8. g
9. f
10. a