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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterFebruary, 2005
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THIS MONTH'S THEME: Not Quite Spring

TOP STORY: In Between Seasons Dream
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture I'm confused! It's warm one minute, then cold the next. I guess that's why I had this weird dream...

It was a really warm late-winter day, and I was skateboarding to school. Suddenly, it began to snow!

Then, from somewhere, I heard the James Hound Super Secret Spy music!

I bent down and flipped a switch on my skateboard. Little skis flipped out to replace the front wheels, and two headlights popped up, lighting my way.

Then I pulled a cord on my jacket. It puffed up to keep me extra warm. Mittens dropped out from the sleeves, and a hood shot out from behind my head.

I clicked my sneakers together, and the tops rose almost to my knees -- sneaker boots!

I pushed a button on my skateboard helmet. A visor (with windshield wipers!) dropped down in front of my eyes. Numbers ran across the top, displaying snow depth and density, and the best path to take.

I was totally ready for the snow!

Then I heard a beeping. I thought it was another gadget, but... it was just my alarm clock! (*sigh*)

Enjoy more of my wild imagination in Alien: Assembly Required.


THE BRAIN'S TEASER: First Secret Code
By Alan "The Brain" Powers

Alan The Brain Powers's Byline Picture Copy the first letter from each word below, in order. The letters you copy from each sentence will make up a new word. Put all the new words together from left to right and read one of my favorite quotes. Good luck!

"Oysters use radios. The hairy orangutan's uncle grew hot today. I smell. Tiny hippos eat. Kings exercise yaks. Whales have invisible curly hair. Unfortunately no lions or chimpanzees kept snacks. Tortoises hum everywhere. Dark orange owls really soar. Oxen freeze. Ten horses exaggerate. Walruses overdress restless lazy dromedaries."

Scroll down to see the answers.

Like creating order out of chaos? Help my friend Binky fix some mixed-up stories in Story Scramble.


FEATURED ARTICLE: D.W.'s Helpful Hints
By D.W. Read

D.W. Read's Byline Picture Here are my top 5 ways to annoy an older brother:

1. Say something over and over again, like, "Can I see? Can I see? Can I see? Can I see? Can I see?"

2. Turn on a TV show that your brother does not like. Watch for a minute, then start doing something else. When your brother tries to change the channel, say, "Hey! I was watching that!"

3. When choosing a chocolate from a big assortment, point to each one and ask your brother what kind it is. When you've gone through the entire box, tell him you want the first one you pointed to.

4. Let's say you're having soup for dinner. Just before dinner, go into the kitchen. Make sure your brother is nearby, but can't see you. Do a loud fake sneeze. At dinner, say something like, "Mom, is it bad luck to sneeze on soup?"

Good luck!

(Editor's note from Arthur: I don't know why Mom made us put this in! And D.W. can't even count -- she only had four things on her list. Argh! SO annoying!)

D.W. adds: Oh, yeah, I forgot number 5: put only four things in your top 5 list. I guarantee it will work.

Help D.W. be less annoying (and quieter!) in Don't Wake Kate.


THE BRAIN'S TEASER: The Brain Explains
By Alan "The Brain" Powers

Alan The Brain Powers's Byline Picture Did you get it? One of my favorite quotes is:

"Our thought is the key which unlocks the doors of the world."


By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture This newsletter is a double February/March issue. Is it bigger? Not really. Does it have super special information? Uh... no.

So why does it cover two months?

Well, I thought it was BUSTER's turn to write it, and Buster thought it was MY turn. Let's just say, it's tough to send a newsletter that no one wrote. (But now we have the schedule written down, so no more problems.)