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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterNovember, 2004
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TOP STORY: Top Five Things I Dislike About Fall
By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture To celebrate fall, I wanted to do a list of the top five things I DON'T LIKE about this season. It goes like this:

1. Walking Pal in the cold breezes numbs my fingers.

2. I always freeze, even in my jacket.

3. Damp leaves give Pal that stinky "doggie" smell.

4. After I rake all the leaves, Pal runs through them, and I have to start over.

5. Pal always barks at the blowing leaves. Quiet, Pal!

Pretty good, huh? In the next section, you'll see Pal's list of the top five things he LIKES about fall. (In case you're wondering, he dictated his list to me.)

You know, Pal and I make a great team! Check out our About Face game.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Top Five Things Pal Likes About Fall
By Pal Read

Pal Read's Byline Picture 1. Bark! Bark! Arf-arf-arf!
(The cold breezes are so refreshing!)

2. Ruff-ruff! Grr... Arf!
(Finally I'm not sweating under this heavy coat I have to wear all the time!)

3. Bow-wow! Bark!
(Damp leaves make me smell my doggie best!)

4. Arf-arf! Bark, bark, bark!
(I can run through a pile of leaves, knock them everywhere, and they magically become a pile again! Amazing!)

5. Ruff!
(I love keeping my family safe from flying leaves. When I bark, the leaves dive to the ground and lie still. Hooray for me!)

Arrf grrr ruff! (Sniff. Pant. Pant.) Bark!
(Make like a dog and play Go Fetch!)


WORD SEARCH: Leaf Me Alone!
By Binky Barnes

Binky Barnes's Byline Picture Every fall, it's the same thing: millions and millions of leaves falling to the ground! And that means I have to do a LOT of raking! I rake, and rake, and rake and rake and rake and rake and rake! It's enough to give you "Leaf Madness"!

But fall leaves DO smell kind of nice. And the reds, yellows, and oranges remind me of the work of Maxfield Parrish, a wonderful American painter... uh... that Mr. Ratburn MADE me learn about.

How many times can you find the word "leaf" in this word search? It can be up, down, forward, backward, or diagonal. Good luck!
		E  L  E  A  F  L  A  E  F  L
		F  A  E  L  F  A  E  L  E  E
		A  E  L  A  E  L  E  A  L  A
		E  F  E  A  F  E  F  L  F  F
		L  E  A  F  L  A  F  E  A  L
		A  E  F  E  L  F  F  L  E  F
		F  L  A  L  A  L  L  A  L  E
		A  F  E  E  F  E  F  L  E  A
		E  A  L  A  A  A  F  A  E  L
		L  A  E  F  E  F  A  E  L  A
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Want the answer to the word search? Just work out this equation to find out how many times the word "leaf" appears:

100 - 50 - 35 + 9 = ?