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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterSeptember, 2004
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    D.W. Read
    Alan "The Brain" Powers

TOP STORY: Buster's Big Trip
By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture Hi, everyone! Buster and I want to welcome you to the very first issue of our newsletter. (This is so cool!)

We'll send out a new issue every month. In each one, we'll ask a couple of our friends to write stuff for us. This month, it's The Brain and Sue Ellen. We hope you like it!

But first...

Our top story this month is that Buster is going on a trip across North America with his dad! He's bringing a video camera with him to record his adventures. Find out more and take a cool travel quiz at Buster's new Web site.


THE BRAIN'S TEASER: Jump Back, Alphabet!
By Alan "The Brain" Powers

Alan The Brain Powers's Byline Picture OK. See if you can decode the phrase below to find out the name of the very first stop on Buster's big trip. The answer is at the end of this newsletter.

(Hint: For every letter, write the letter that comes before it in the alphabet. For example: b = a)

The phrase is "Lopy, Joejbob."


By Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen's Byline Picture I travel with my family a lot. Before I go someplace new, I really like to read something about it.

One of the later stops on Buster's trip is Mexico. So I told him he should read this book called The Tortilla Factory by Gary Paulsen.

It's all about the life of a tortilla. It shows you how tortillas are made, from planting corn to eating tortillas filled with juicy beans!

Since Buster is such a big fan of food, I knew he'd love this book. I think you would enjoy it, too. Look for it at your local library!

Find out more about my own traveling adventures in my Travel Tales.


THE BRAIN'S TEASER: The Brain Explains
By Alan "The Brain" Powers

Alan The Brain Powers's Byline Picture Did you get it? If you take each letter and write the letter that comes before it, you get the name of the town and state Buster will visit first.

The answer is "Knox, Indiana."

Great job! I can't wait to hear about his adventures in Indiana. I hope he finds out what it's really like to live on a farm.

If you want to tease your brain some more, test your ARTHUR trivia knowledge with my Brain Game.