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Buster's Breathless

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Buster talks to his mom as she drinks a cup of tea.

A few days later, Buster asks his mom, "When am I going to be cured of asthma?"

"There isn't a cure for asthma yet," answers his mom. "But as long as you take your medicine and we stay away from the things that make your asthma worse, you can do all the things you like to do."

"Yeah, but my friends are acting weird," says Buster. "Arthur and Binky keep dusting off my books, my desk, even my food. And Francine says that I might have to go to a different school — one that's just for sick kids."

"You know," says Buster's mom. "I think your friends don't understand what asthma is. Maybe you can teach them."

"That gives me an idea for my science project," says Buster.

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