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When you're away from home, it's fun to send postcards. They're quick to write, and sometimes even have goofy pictures on them. Take a look at the parts of a postcard, then write your own.

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Dear Buster,
Greeting: Says hello, and shows who you're writing to.
We're at Grandpa Dave's, and I just heard that your picture was in the Elwood City Times. Totally cool! We're having a great time here. We helped Grandpa Dave paint his fence today. It was tiring, but fun.
Body: Here's what you're telling the other person.
See you soon,
Closing and Signature: Says good-bye, and says who you are.
Stamp: The stamp goes in the top right corner. This pays to have your postcard sent.

Buster Baxter
135 Elm Street
Elwood City, USA
Your Friend's Address:
Your friend's full address goes in the middle.
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