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Illustration of nyama chomaNyama choma is simply meat (usually beef, goat, or mutton) roasted over a fire. Another popular Kenyan food is ugali, a type of maize porridge.


Illustration of a table drumThe table drum is a large drum with three legs. Another popular instrument in Kenya is the mbira, which is a small sounding box with metal tines that are played with the fingers and thumbs. It is also known as a thumb piano.


Illustration of a running shoe Although soccer, basketball, volleyball, and other sports are all popular in Kenya, long-distance running is what Kenyans are known for at the Olympic level and at marathons worldwide.


The Kenyan flag The Kenyan flag is black on top, red in the middle, and green at the bottom. Two white stripes surround the red. In the center are a shield and spears of the Masai tribe.

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