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Illustration of sushiSushi ("vinegared rice") can be eaten on its own, but also can be rolled into a ball and served with raw fish, cooked fish, or vegetables. Sushi is sometimes wrapped in seaweed.


Illustration of a taikoTaiko means "big drum" or "fat drum." Taiko drummers stand or kneel and hit their drums with mallets. The drums can be anywhere from about a foot wide to about nine feet wide. Now that's a big drum!


Illustration of a sumo wrestler Sumo is traditional Japanese wrestling, with two people in a ring about 15 feet across. The goal is to force your opponent outside the ring. There are now female as well as male sumo wrestlers.


The Japanese flag The Japanese flag is called Hinomaru, which means "circle of the sun." The flag has a white background. The red circle in the middle represents the sun.

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