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Want to send me your pictures? It's easy.

Get yourself a regular piece of paper. Use one that's 8.5 by 11 inches, like the ones you might put in your printer. Make sure it's this [ ] way around, or it won't fit in the expensive picture frames we brought.

When it's done, mail it to me:

Binky Barnes
Art Expert
Children's Programming
One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

P.S. When you finish your picture ask your mom or dad to sign this form and put it in the envelope, too.

Print this out or make a copy of it

Permission to publish my artwork

Print Your Name: __________________________________________

Your Age (optional): ___________

Title of Your Artwork: ______________________________________

WGBH and Marc Brown shall have the right to use the Artwork I am sending to you, with my name (just my first name and last initial), as part of the ARTHUR Website, and in related materials and activities, as WGBH reasonably determines.

Signature: ______________________________

Date: ___________________________________

As a parent or guardian of the minor who has signed above, I agree to the above terms:

Printed Name: _____________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

E-mail address: _____________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________

* Addresses provided so that we may contact you, not for use on the WGBH Web site.

When you've got the form signed and the picture ready, put them in a big enough envelope so that you don't have to fold them.

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