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A little about me

Best Thing Ever:
Rowr-wow! Mmmmmmm! (Tie between Arthur and bacon.)
Worst Thing Ever:
Bow-wow-wow-wow rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Nemo!)
Favorite Adventure:
Rarrarrar (*pant*) (*pant*) (Solving the Great Sock Mystery with Baby Kate.)

My Favorite Books

  • The Adventures of Taxi Dog  book cover

    The Adventures of Taxi Dog

    by Debra Barraca
    I'd love to ride along with Maxi--he gets adopted by New York City taxi driver and rides along.

  • And I Mean It, Stanley  book cover

    And I Mean It, Stanley

    by Crosby Bonsall
    There's an imaginary dog in this story--with a surprise ending.

  • Art Dog  book cover

    Art Dog

    by Thacher Hurd
    Arthur Dog is an inspiration to all of us dogs: a mild-mannered museum guard during the day, he turns into an amazing artist at night.

  • The First Dog  book cover

    The First Dog

    by Jan Brett
    Learn about a boy and his dog in prehistoric times.