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Muffy's photos

A little about me

Best Thing Ever:
Getting my friends to plant trees in my yard.
Worst Thing Ever:
Getting lice. Yech!
Favorite Adventure:
Seeing the sights and all the latest fashions in Crown City.

My Favorite Books

  • The King's Equal book cover

    The King's Equal

    by Katherine Paterson
    A conceited prince is convinced he can never find his equal. (Well, he's never met me!) The smart and beautiful girl in this story teaches him a lesson or two.

  • Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters book cover

    Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

    by John Stephtoe
    When the king wants to choose a bride, who do you think he finds most "worthy and beautiful": sweet Nyasha or her selfish sister Manyara?

  • One Grain of Rice book cover

    One Grain of Rice

    by Demi
    In this story, Rani is a very clever girl who outsmarts a raja to save her village.

  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses book cover

    The Twelve Dancing Princesses

    by Ruth Sanderson
    You will love the dresses and shoes in this classic tale. The story's also pretty magical.