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A little about me

Best Thing Ever:
Visiting China -- and getting a baby sister!
Worst Thing Ever:
Peanut allergies. But I've learned how to deal with it.
Favorite Adventure:
Teaching D.W. to dance.

My Favorite Books

  • Big Daddy, Frog Wrestler  book cover

    Big Daddy, Frog Wrestler

    by Maribeth Boelts
    Curtis, a young frog in Iowa, loves wrestling and bedtime stories with his father. When Big Daddy is away on a world wrestling tour, Curtis misses him a lot.

  • Let's Play Rough!  book cover

    Let's Play Rough!

    by Lynne Jonell
    A little boy loves to play rough with his dad. They play "big hairy monster bear" until the boy says, "stop" and his dad becomes a dad again.

  • Rolling Harvey Down the Hill book cover

    Rolling Harvey Down the Hill

    by Jack Prelutsky
    A great book of poems about a group of friends. I really like that kid Harvey.

  • Three Strong Women: A Tall Tale from Japan

    by Claus Stamm
    A Japanese wrestler is sent to the mountains to train with three strong women.