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Baby Kate's photos

A little about me

Best Thing Ever:
Paba! Weeeedub! Beeesh! (Playing! Eating! Sleeping!)
Worst Thing Ever:
Boodeebee pbffffft. (The big people don't understand me.)
Favorite Adventure:
Badababa bawoo paga! (Rescuing the wedding-cake statue with Pal.)

My Favorite Books

  • Blue Buggy  book cover

    Blue Buggy

    by Janet and Alan Ahlberg
    Familiar, everyday objects that babies love are pictured in colorful style.

  • Clap Hands  book cover

    Clap Hands

    by Helen Oxenbury
    An engaging group of toddlers play to the familiar rhyme.

  • I See  book cover

    I See

    by Rachel Isadora
    A baby responds to the things she sees.

  • Max's Ride book cover

    Max's Ride

    by Rosemary Wells
    Max the bunny takes a thrilling ride in his carriage.