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Arthur All Kids Can Character Search

Grand Prize Winner

Lydia Fox by Connor

Connor, age 11 of Savage, MN
Character: Lydia Fox


Kristy Starr by Amy

Amy, age 12 of South Easton, MA
Character: Kristy Starr

Frankie Salvador by Charlie

Charlie, age 9 of Delaware, OH
Character: Frankie Salvador

Alana Smith by Eliana

Eliana, age 10 of Santee, CA
Character: Alana Smith

Grace Davis by Emily

Emily, age 7 of Birmingham, AL
Character: Grace Davis

Bubby & Aubrey by Emily

Emily, age 11 of Mt. Pleasant, SC
Character: Bubby & Aubrey

Sammy Gato by Joseph

Joseph, age 6 of Yardville, NJ
Character: Sammy Gato

Arianna Petals by Meaghan

Meaghan, age 9 of Morganville, NJ
Character: Arianna Petals

Preston McPanda by Meaghan

Meaghan, age 10 of Worcester, MA
Character: Preston McPanda

Carlos by Shane

Shane, age 10 of Lexington, VA
Character: Carlos