Wild Kratts World Adventure



Three New Games! Activate your spider monkey, lemur and frogfish creature powers! Climb, camouflage, and stink fight as you explore new habitats. 60 new stickers and “Wow facts” added. *Android Coming Soon!*

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*Parents Choice Award Winner*


3 all-new games featuring the Kratt Brothers, new habitats and exciting animals from the hit PBS KIDS series, Wild Kratts.

Free Update Includes:

  • 30 all new levels
  • Over 60 stickers, “Wow facts” and 3 new Creature Power “Selfies”
  • Experience the incredible climbing creature power of spider monkeys as they collect fruit and avoid obstacles.
  • Learn about lemurs’ unusual defensive creature power by joining in a lemur stink fight with the Kratt Brothers.
  • Explore the camouflaging creature power of the frogfish as they crawl on the ocean floor to find fish.

    All Features:

  • 60 overall levels
  • Over 120 stickers and “Wow facts”
  • Kids can take their own creature power “selfies” with all 6 animals
  • 6 Creature Power games including:
    1.     - Climbing with a spider monkey
    2.     - Fighting with lemur’s
    3.     - Camouflaging with frogfish
    4.     - Swinging with orangutan’s
    5.     - Swimming with dolphins
    6.     - Tapping with woodpeckers

    Children ages 4 to 8 can tilt and tap their way through multi-level games that encourage exploration of habitats around the world. Focusing on science, each game lets kids observe, explore and use creature power suits to complete missions and help the Kratt Brothers. As levels are completed, kids earn creature power “selfies,” habitat stickers and “Wow! Facts” that help further their animal science and natural history learning.

    *Coming to Android Soon!*

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