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Add characters to family photos, share photos with friends, and easily find out when PBS KIDS shows are on in your town!

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Put your child in a photo with a favorite PBS KIDS character in three simple steps. Easy and safe for kids to use, too! Features leading characters from series that air on PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO!, including Arthur, Daniel Tiger, Caillou, Clifford, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Fetch!, Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why!, Wild Kratts, Word Girl, and more.

Step One: Add a Photo

Take a photo of your child or use an existing photo already on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Step Two: Edit Your Photo

You can resize, zoom, or rotate the photo as well as add PBS KIDS-themed frames.

Step Three: Choose Your Character

Choose a favorite PBS KIDS series and add characters and decorations from the series. You can resize or rotate each object with simple sliders and can move the objects back and forth between the foreground and background.

Step Four: Share

That’s it! Now you can share your photo using iPhoto, Email, Twitter, or Facebook.

TV Schedules

PBS KIDS Photo Factory includes tune-in information for each TV series. Tap twice on the program logo and from there you can access a program description and localized schedule.

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