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Enjoy four games in a single app designed to boost oral vocabulary. Train and play dress up with your favorite pups!

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Martha Speaks Dog Party stars Martha, the talking dog from the popular PBS KIDS TV series Martha Speaks. The goal of the TV series is to bolster oral vocabulary, the words we use when we talk. This game is designed to help kids understand what words mean when they hear them.

Martha Speaks Dog Party includes four games in a single app that introduce a total of 36 vocabulary words.

Martha Says

In this self-leveling game, players must listen for Martha's "Martha Says" command to get her doggie friends to sit, walk or run. This game introduces these words: Pace, Stroll, Amble, Dart, Gallop, Sprint, Halt, Freeze, and Rest.

Chow Time

Players pick a plate to match the right word… and then have their dog lick it clean by moving each dog's tongue around with their finger. Eww! The game introduces these words: Striped, Nature, Nautical, Mauve, Triangular, Colorful, Teal, Round, Square, Rectangular, Floral, Superhero, Checkerboard, Diamonds, Numbers, Letters, Crimson, Instruments, Vehicles, and Astronauts.

Doggie Dress Up

Accessorize the Dog Party guests. Choose among four different dogs and a wide variety of accessories. Players can even take a portrait of their favorite pooch. Photos are automatically saved into your iPhone/iPod Touch photo album. The game introduces these words: Stylish, Designer, Style, Fabulous, Accessory, Fashionable, and Portrait.

Pop Quiz

Players take this balloon-popping quiz to reinforce and test their knowledge of the 36 vocabulary words. See how many points you can score!

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