Dinosaur Train A to Z



Fun Dinosaur Letters Section! Kids can spell their name and build words with dinosaur letters. This dinosaur collection encourages the exploration of life science and natural history. Discover, play & read!

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All Aboard! The ultimate dinosaur app for your child from the hit PBS KIDS show Dinosaur Train! This essential dinosaur collection helps build reading skills and encourages the exploration of life science and natural history through discovery, play and reading! Now Available for Android.

Dinosaur A to Z includes the following features:

  • Set of 26 interactive dinosaurs and their corresponding dinosaur letters
  • Highlighted words throughout the app to build beginning reader skills
  • Touch, swipe and tilt functionality to help kids learn over 50 dinosaur fun facts
  • Dinosaur index with classification filters to build science inquiry skills
  • Narration by Mr. Conductor!


Parents have the option of adding to their preschooler’s ultimate dinosaur collection by purchasing the following dinosaur packs of 10, which feature favorites from the Dinosaur Train series:

Big Dinosaurs Pack, featuring a Tyrannosaurs Rex (T. rex) Horned, Armored & Crested Pack, featuring a Triceratops Carnivore Pack, featuring a Stegosaurus *New!* Winged & Feathered Pack, featuring a Pterandon *Coming soon!* In the Water Pack, featuring an Adocus *Coming soon!* Surprise Pack, featuring favorite rodents and birds *Coming Soon!*
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